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When Uncle Paul gives Karen and her sister Kathleen a pet lamb, they have no idea what is in store for them. Playing with Tippy is great, but raising a baby lamb is harder than it seems. Feeding and caring for Tippy is much like caring for a baby.

As the sisters care for Tippy, they fall even more in love with her. When their dad tells them Tippy is going to be sold, they beg him to let them keep their beloved pet and friend. Although it takes some convincing, he allows them to keep Tippy for themselves and buys more sheep to breed and sell.

As Tippy gets older and has babies of her own, Karen and Kathleen have to accept that their once little lamb is turning into an older sheep.

Raising Tippy is a delightful tale of commitment, sadness, responsibility, and love as life on the farm with Tippy is much more than it seems.

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